What My Rich Boyfriend Did For Me to Make Our First Date Absolutely Unforgettable

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What my rich boyfriend did for our first date was absolutely unforgettable. Everyone who will be having their first date is asking that question. And along with the question comes the feeling of uneasiness, excitement, hesitation, and dizziness that even the most striking person feels. So, you have to ask yourself, is this feeling necessary? The first date is the best opportunity on how to attract women. It is better if you will concentrate on preparing for this date to make the best impression.

Many men will have a hard time attracting women if you will not prepare on your first date. It is not enough that you will spend time with a woman and expect to have a positive impression right away. A good date will only result from careful planning. And if you want to have one, there are proven guides that can surely help you.

What He Wears Matters

Keep in mind that simplicity will never go wrong on your first date. Impress your date by choosing attire that will match up the occasion and the place of your or her choice. Your choice must be based on comfort and style. You do not want your date to be awkward when she feels your discomfort and mistake it for the wrong reasons. By the time your big date arrives, you should have it ready to prevent any hassle being late just because you didn’t pick it out early on. If you come in late for your first date, you lose a big chance in attracting women.

Conversation is Essential, Doing some Homework Won’t Hurt

The heart of any date is the conversation to avoid awkward silences and uneasiness in between. You can avoid this moment by being well-informed of what is currently going on and learning some other good topics for conversation. This is an effective method in attracting women. You can also think of your past conversation with her. Pick something from there that you might think is interesting for her and you can start from there during your date. Women want to feel you are listening to them. Let her feel that, as well as lighten the mood by having a couple of jokes up on your sleeves.

Good Hygiene Creates a Positive Impression

No woman would ever want to be in the company of a man who doesn’t know how to keep himself clean and fresh especially oral hygiene. My rich boyfriend made sure he doesn’t scare me off when he started to speak just because he forgot to brush his teeth and failed to use mouthwash. Try to wear subtle scents as well. Take into consideration your date as some women have sensitivities for heavy scents.

Be Prompt on Your Date

This is one mistake many men commit. You should never be late especially on your first date as women do not like waiting for men. Be prompt whether you will meet up in one place or you have to pick her up.

When you are preparing for your first date, don’t forget to enjoy the experience. You only get one try on your first date, so make the most out of it. Being yourself while making your date comfortable and happy and taking the above mentioned methods is what you can do in attracting women.

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