Review Details of is a popular online singles dating site designed to create a high quality dating experience for its members. The site is specially made for rich people. Most of the members of MillionaireMatch make more than $150,000 per year and are interested in meeting other rich and successful individuals who are ready to start a relationship. MillionaireMatch has been online for many years now and boasts more than two million members.


Both free and paid membership options are available at MillionaireMatch. However, free membership offers limited functionality. You can sign up for gold membership anytime in order to receive additional benefits. Pricing is as follows:

- 1-Month Membership: $70.00

- 3-Months Membership: $135.00 ($45.00 per month)

- 6-Months Membership: $210.00 ($35.00 per month)


Following are some prominent features of MillionaireMatch:

Clean and Elegant Site Appearance: The website for MillionaireMatch itself has a very elegant and classy appearance. At the beginning you will know that the site is not a place where you would find sleazy hook-ups, which is a great news for individuals who are serious about online dating. MillionaireMatch has a mobile-friendly website interface. They also have mobile app support.

Request to Chat: With the request to chat feature, you can send the person of interest an email that says you are requesting to chat with them. However, this feature is only useful when the person you are sending request is online. A live chat feature is also offered which most members of the site use.

Public Comments: Members of the site can post public comments on your wall that others members can see. If someone is posting rude comments, then you can have them removed by contacting MillionaireMatch customer support. Members using abusive language, or posting annoying/offensive comments can be blocked as well.

Date Ideas: Via this feature, you can post on your profile page what you would like to do on your first date. This helps other members see if you have matching common interests in first date ideas, which makes this feature really great.

Screening and Privacy: MillionaireMatch has a very strict screening process that allows it to filter fake profiles, especially those of prostitutes and escorts. Because of this strict screening, the chances of finding genuine individuals who are looking for a serious relationship are quite high. This is not a website for men and women who are looking for sleazy hookups.

Pros and Cons


- Massive member database. Lots of people to choose from

- Simple and easy to get started and start mingling

- Strict screening feature so you may know who's genuine

- Recommended for individuals looking for serious relationships

- Mobile app support, so you can use it anywhere on any device


- You don't get much on the free account

- Not recommended for individuals looking for sleazy hookups

- The site has relatively more women than men; so women will have a hard time finding their perfect match


If you are rich, beautiful, young and are looking for a serious relationship, MillionaireMatch is a recommended site for you. If you are old and rich, it is still a recommended site for you. MillionaireMatch has everything you would expect from a quality online dating site.

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