Continue a Relationship with an Older Celebrity?

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Being a celebrity comes with a responsibility of being a public figure, one who is under constant media glares and public scrutiny. From being judged on how you perform in your profession, your dressing, hairstyles and all the most personal life is under complete surveillance by public. It becomes difficult to make people understand your stance – leave aside public, your own family, especially when your partner has a teenage son. A relationship is not about age, caste, and creed but this known fact become so non-obvious for the people around.

There is nothing wrong to marry a celebrity or even date a celebrity who has teenage son. When dating a celebrity who has a teenage son, a woman needs to be extra conscious. This is the time of development of a teenager. All sort of physical and mental development takes place during this time. They may accept you warmly as a part of their father’s life. They may also be very cold towards your relationship with his father.

You need to convince them about your relation. A sense of insecurity which may develop as a result of somebody invading the personal and family space needs to be overcome All you need to do is develop the motherly bond with the teenager. To develop the motherly bond, one needs to first develop the bond of friendship with the child. He needs to enjoy your company and should want to spend time with you. Even the women needs to accept the fact that when she marries a celebrity or dates a celebrity who has a son, the child has more rights on his father than the woman herself. She should also try to bridge the gap between the father son duos and help them develop a healthy bond.

Spending quality time during dinners and also playing sports together can be of great help. Sports such as chess, Ludo can help developing the bond. Last but not the least, keeping a track of his school, friends and company can be of great help. Doing homework’s together also help to develop the bond. Day to day study requires a lot of hard work. So, all those women who are dating a celebrity with a teenage son, there is nothing wrong in it. Just follow these simple steps for a happy life ahead.

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