Insights from the Real-Life Rich Men

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date a rich manRich men do have a way of pampering their partners through material and luxurious things. But are these things really sufficient to keep a relationship? Is this even healthy? For some these looks bad. This gives bad rap to the relationship as something that only stays because they use each other for their own purposes and reasons. This also gives the impression of a rich man being a sugar daddy to the woman. A real-life rich man is said to be someone who is having a relationship with a young beautiful woman. But let us judge. Let us see from the rich men’s perfective what their opinion and insight about this are.

A real life sugar daddy says there is nothing wrong to be one. He wants the world to know that there is nothing wrong if women decide to have a real life sugar daddy. He says that it is okay with men to be a sugar daddy for it is just a throwback of the traditional life style of people and families then. It defines what the value of men and women in the early life is. That a man with chivalry is the one who is being the primary provider, someone who pampers his family while the woman is the one who nurtures what her man has provided. He says too that even though these kinds of relationship are based from mutual pampering and spoiling many from these relationships have also evolve into long term commitment and even marriage.

Oftentimes, life styles of real-life rich men especially those who are a bit older are being bashed. Why? Because critics say that their case is no difference from prostitution. Thinking that what the rich men provide to women is in exchange of sex. But as a counterpart to this, these men have defended that they do no wrong. That the relationship they have is not only about sex or money. It is that a relationship of a rich man to a woman is only similar to any other men and woman relationships around. It is only that they are being badly conceptualized a lot.

There is nothing wrong who a rich man dates. There is also nothing wrong to a woman if she dates a rich man. Because no law states the act is prohibited nor is a crime. The important thing is the relationship is helping the both of them in a good and positive way. Like on the woman’s side, if she is being help by this relationship to be inspired do her college assignment or to establish a business which the rich man she’s dating can willingly help and provide. While on the man’s side, the relationship is being good to him if he is being inspired by this to be a better man or to excel on his work.

Any relationship can really turn healthy as long as aside from the money and material things that you give, there is also time for listening, mentoring and enriching each other’s personality and life in totally.

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