How to Attract the Rich and Famous On Party

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Man women dream of a lavish and luxurious lifestyle. Unfortunately for some they have to work hard to achieve this dream. However for some they get to experience this lifestyle by attracting a rich man to love and to adore them.

The latter is the niche of women I am talking to. If you want to attract a rich and famous man during a party, you need to make yourself stand out and beat the competition to meet your match. Below are a few but important tips you can use and date rich men.

The Right Party

Always attend the right parties. To become rich, it is critical that you enter into the domain of the rich. The first thing to get noticed is by attending high-end and guest list parties. To find out more about such parties, go online or look at event calendars. Look around for luxury hotels and high end bars that you can go out and hang.

If you opt to attend a party instead, show up late and trust me men will always notice. Rich men especially…


To make money like all businesses men say, you need to use money. The best way to meet rich men in a party is by going where the parties are held for such people. To date a celebrity you must join a private club that they like attending.

Golf is a recreational sport for the rich. Go on now, join that club, get the skimpy golf attire and get out on the course and mingle with the rich golfers, you will be amazed how man rich men will willing to show you how to putt.

If golfing isn’t your liking, you can invest in dining at fine restaurants during busy days. Trust me when you sit alone and have a meal, someone will notice you and they will pay for that meal and go with you…..

Appearance, Appearance, Appearance

Rich men are always interested in looks. Play close attention to your looks. In the party scene, nobody goes to dance with the girl that looks like she just rose from the dead! Rich men like dating or being seen with someone that will increase their creds.

First impressions are the only impressions. Groom up properly, flaunt your best features, if you have great legs especially legs that are five miles long, rock them. However, go for the elegant look as opposed to the overly sexy look. An elegant look shows class, an overly sexy look just shows you are whorish and cheap!

Be Yourself

Rich men are human too. To get the attention of a rich man in a party be yourself, be comfortable and they will always want you. Remember, honesty is the best policy if you are interested in his money he will know, if you are interested in him he will know too.

Trust me the only way to make it into a rich man’s arms and wealth is by being honest with you and with him.


There you go, a few ways to catch the rich man and live a lavish lifestyle. Go out and go large!!!

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