Fears of Rich Older Men

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rich older manMen have problems and fears of their own. As the years go by, men will have the problems that they do not encounter usually because getting old is inevitable. Here are some problems that rich older men usually encounter. One common fear of rich older men is his physicality. And the most common problem in that is baldness. It is found out that 94% of men fear of getting bald. Another problem is impotence. Impotence is one of the fears of men in getting older because they worry too much about their sexual performances as they age. Also, weakness is another common problem. Physical strength of men is decaying during the years, so it means that his power is also diminishing. Retirement is also becoming a problem for men getting old. They are so workaholic on their early years that when getting old and weak, they feel that they will be useless after their retirement. And lastly, ones problem on their physique is health problems. A man getting older is anxious for his own health. So taking care of the body as we get older is a must. Having a healthy diet would be a very good way to avoid having health problems.

On the other side of the bed, rich older men who are still single have also other problems. They focused too much on their career on their early years that they forgot to marry and build a family of their own. And on getting older, it has been a very big problem. Because of getting older, rich older men have difficulties in finding the right woman to marry. Due to old age, setting up dates or the like is very difficult. Women nowadays prefer younger men too, so dating at an older age is not that easy to do. Building a family is one of the most basic things that you should do in your life, and it starts by finding the right partner. Being somewhat late in finding your partner would be a problem and that is why rich older men are being scared that they would not be able to do it.

Another issue that is faced by most rich older men is protecting their properties. The fear of gold diggers always runs through your mind. You are often very anxious that you will be dating a person who is not that trustworthy and is only after your wealth. Your wealth, since you worked hard for it is a very important priority for you and for you to find out whom you share it with for the rest of your life is a very challenging role. This fear is common to rich older men in their 40’s – 50’s. During this time, rich single men are anxious to find a woman to marry but at the same time, anxious about their beloved wealth. This is because they have thought that women will only marry them for their wealth, and not because of whom they are.

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