Do Single Women want to Meet Millionaires

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“What do women want?” Has been one of the most researched questions of all ages, and even now more studies are being conducted to offer more information on the subject. With independence levels among women being higher today than ever before, the essential nature of this question continues to increase. Single women in particular are one of the most independent groups of women today. Most of these women are at the beginning of their careers and numerous possibilities lie ahead. The question, do women want to meet millionaires can be answered in different ways as will be seen below.

Gender Equality

Over the years, a lot of initiatives have been spearheaded to level the playing field so as to even out access to opportunities between both genders. This has worked to provide better education and work opportunities for women and hence improve women empowerment. More women are now being considered for the same positions as men with as much capability to perform successfully. All of this has worked to create the modern independent woman, able to cater to all her material needs, being more accomplished and learned. Women no longer have to go for more educated or even highly paid men as it was decades ago. But with all this, the question still remain; do women still want to meet millionaires?

Research Findings

A lot of research has been conducted over the past few years on the modern woman’s behavior in a bid to find out exactly what they want with the changes in social organization brought about by gender equality. Research findings indicate that more women are interested in men who are wealthier. In this case women prefer to meet millionaires. The findings come with a lot of useful facts as why this is so as depicted below.

Why do Women want to Meet Millionaires?

A man in a sleek and expensive car is bound to get more attention from single women over one with regular cars. This indicates that a man’s economic status greatly influences his attractiveness to women. In some research findings, this has been explained by the fact that women feel the need to find men with resources; i.e. meet millionaires. A man in an expensive car is bound to have more resources at their disposal that can be used to create a comfortable life for a family in the future. Most findings indicate that more women are interested in meeting and subsequently spending their lives with men who earn more than they do and have an equal or higher level of education than them.

Though there are still some women who would like to meet and grow together with their man in terms of economic status, the majority of women would be more than interested to meet a millionaire.

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