Can I say rich men are successful men

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love kissReading this article you would come to know how women feel about rich men and what the points they should keep in mind while dating them.

Rich and Successful are entities most are seen coinciding with each other. Women always want a wan that could full fill their demands and being rich and successful are the key ingredients for it. Being a women wanting to date successful men you need to follow certain key points and which everything else is a cake walk.

First beauty can only win you half the battle. Though for rich men it is one of the most important criteria it is not the only one. Please be physically fit and losing some extra pounds will really help. A great figure is always a great tool. Secondly, have a lovable personality which would attract him towards you. Be compassionate and listen to his view points. Praise his success and be attentive in his company.

Third, learn about his likes and dislikes and be well read in his professional area. You should be able to speak to him about topics which interest him and slowly he would enjoy your company. Fourth, there is no harm in cooking. Please learn how to cook and give him surprises by cooking him his favourite dishes. Trust me it works wonders and would surely make you a companion he would fall for. Rich men love surprises.

Fifth, a good sense of humour is can work wonders. It may be his silly jokes but you are required to laugh at it or enjoy it. It just shows that you are enjoying his company and he can be what he is with you. Sixth, be supportive about his hobbies and praise him when he demonstrates it to you. Rich men love to demonstrate those. Be kind and accept his faults or short comings.

Seventh, when you are dating successful men please respect the value of time and avoid stopping him from his professional commitments. Such qualities are loved by successful men as they never want to hamper their professional lives. Be ready to try new things- like adventure sports etc and it would work like a charm. He would always want you to be there in his trips and you would enjoy his company.

So these small points would help you get into his heart and be there for eternity. You would also be cared and respected in the same manner.

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